About us

To work with farmers and stakeholders to manage climate variability & adapt & mitigate climate change.

Our Goals

To develop and conduct projects, commercial opportunities and programs that assist primary producers and natural resource managers to be more prosperous.

To develop investment opportunities projects and programs that incentivise farmers to sequester carbon.

To advocate to local, state and federal government on the opportunities for agriculture to become more regenerative, to increase scale, sequester carbon, improve production, mitigate climate change.

To support producers to improve their agricultural productivity while improving soil health, pasture health and animal health.

To sequester carbon in the soil, regenerate agriculture, the environment and the Murray Darling Basin.

Our Expertise  

  • Project development, management & support
  • Commercial project development & management
  • One on one consultancy
  • Landscape rehabilitation
  • Create innovative investment opportunities
  • Business management
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Facilitation
  • Agricultural presentations, workshops, seminars
  • Writing reports, media, books & editing
  • Farm group development & executive support
  • Marketing support
  • Farm financial & management advice
  • Survey development & analyses
  • Livestock feeding & pasture management advice
  • Drought support
  • Frost risk & management support

About the Director

Melissa Rebbeck – Director of Climate & Ag Support P/L