Biochar Research

Click on the link for the technical report {Tech Report Link} or read the summary report below


Biochar Dairy Feeding Trial

This involved:

Measuring 6 weekly milk yield, protein, fat, ICCC compared with long term data across 4 dairies.
Manure pH, and other properties
Soil health (burying biochar)

4 x dairy’s of 250 cattle at Fleurieu Milk Co
1 fed Biochar type 1 90ml/head/day but issues with other additives
1 fed Soft Agriculture – Pty Ltd – Mara Seeds Pty Ltd 200gms/head/day
2 dairy’s without biochar

A link to the technical report can be found HERE

Soils Research

In addition we have conducted a number of soil based research and demonstration trials with biochar.  A summary of results presentation can be found HERE  and a link to the research results can be found here – SOIL HEALTH PROJECTS

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